The ordinary skincare range

I have recently started using the ordinary skincare range having been recommended it by fellow Hair and makeup artists I thought I’d give it a go!

I have always suffered from breakouts and oily combination skin. I am constantly on the lookout for new products to help better my skin as this is something that can really get you down. I have found that a lot of my clients seem to break out before big events also such as their wedding day, proms and other special occasions.

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My Favourite Christmas Makeup Looks

Festive red lips.

My favourite look at Christmas time will always be red lips! I think a few of us shy away from this but there are so many shades out there, whether you're blonde or brunette there's sure to be one that suits you. I'd say if you've never worn red lipstick before and are afraid to then maybe start off with a red sheer gloss. The most important thing is feeling comfortable in your own skin so wear this for a while and then move on to a lipstick.

Christmassy Red Lips!

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Urban Decays Heat Eyeshadow Palette - My Review

So after weeks of trying to get hold of this eyeshadow palette, I finally have... And I love it!!

If you're an urban decay fan and you like your warm summer eye colours then definitely give this palette a go; the pigments are amazing! Very high and long wearing! I'd advise applying your eyeshadow first always before foundation so that you're not left with a bruised eye look! Once eyeshadow is complete you can wipe away any excess shadow for a bright clean under eye.

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Skin Care Tips

Proactiv - Skin care tipsSkin prep is the most important thing when it comes to creating the best possible make up look. 

I've always suffered with my skin; it's extremely dehydrated and spot prone. I wash my face and it feels dry and tight and then by the end of the day I'd normally have a really oily T-zone. 

I've tried many skincare products over the years and was a little wary when I heard good things about Pro Activ as a lot of celebrities promote it. After trying the range for a month I noticed a huge difference in my skin smaller pores, clearer skin and less oiliness throughout the day.

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Immaculate Touch Beauty

eyebrow treatment

We all appreciate a truthful recommendation and some 'must have' info when it comes to #Beauty so today I share my experience with #microbladedeyebrows otherwise known as #eyebrowtattoo and #semipermanentmakeup. I recently visited a company called Immaculate Touch Beauty to see what this must have craze is all about and to fill my sparse #brows and I can only say WOW!

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